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  • Pleasant homely atmosphere

  • A drug research for everyone

  • Aimed at volunteers

  • Safety is paramount

COVID-19 and drug research

In coordination with the government and the Medical Ethics Review Committee, our drug research is completely “corona proof”. Our clinic has been adapted and we observe the latest measures.

What does this mean for you?

  • You may only come if you display none of the known corona symptoms
  • You have had no contact with a corona patient in the past 2 weeks

I have been vaccinated for COVID-19, may I participate?

Yes, you may! For most research studies, there should be a 2-week interval between your vaccination and your participation, but this may vary for some studies. Would you like to know exactly how it works and whether you can participate? Please contact us and we will find out for you!

Measures at QPS:

  • When participating in a drug study at QPS, you will be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival. You should also be aware of slightly modified rules in our clinic so that participation is safe for everyone.
  • We would like to remind you that wearing a face mask when entering the QPS building is compulsory. We also request that you follow any further guidelines and instructions indicated by the staff.

You can find the most recent research data and new research studies on our researches page.


The very first step is of course to register for a drug study. You can register today via our website. After you have registered, QPS will contact you for a telephone screening. If you appear to be eligible, an appointment will be made with you for a medical screening. This screening may vary depending on the drug study. If you pass the screening, you will be eligible to take part in the drug study. Upon arrival, the doctor will decide which volunteers will become participants and which will go home with an alternate volunteer allowance. When all stages have been completed, a final screening will take place and you will receive your compensation.

I have been a regular participant in research studies for two years. It pays well and I feel like I am making a contribution! – Ingrid, Haren

Drug research information video

How does participating in a drug research at QPS work? We get a lot of questions about our drug research. For that reason, we have compiled your questions into a short, informative video. Watch it below!

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1 Step 1: Register

Register as a volunteer for one of our clinical trials via our website.

2 Step 2: Medical screening

You undergo a medical examination. The medical examination will determine whether you are suitable for the drug research study.

3 Step 3: Participation

During your participation, you will stay at our research centre and return one or multiple times. It is also possible that you will be an alternate volunteer.

4 Step 4: Compensation

If you have completed all of the steps, you will receive your compensation within at least 4 weeks after the final screening.