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Different phases

What are the different phases of drug research??

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Phase 1

Phase 1 focuses on the safety of the drug and how the volunteer reacts to it and processes it. During the first administration, you will receive a dose that is often smaller than has been proven safe in animal studies. The functioning of vital bodily functions is accurately recorded, as are any side effects. Research studies in this phase involve small groups of volunteers and are conducted by a specialised institute such as QPS.

Phase 2

During phase 2, the drug is tested on 200/300 patients, focusing on efficacy and determining the optimal dose.

Phase 3

In this phase, the effectiveness, tolerability and safety of the new research drug are studied on a large scale (multiple centres worldwide) in large groups of patients.

Government overview

The dossier of all research studies together is submitted to the competent governmental authorities for assessment. They assess whether a new research drug may be registered (and therefore sold).

Phase 4

Even after a research drug is registered and widely used by patients, research into its efficacy and safety continues. In this phase, the data of tens of thousands of patients is collected through doctors who regularly prescribe the medicine.

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1 Step 1: Register

Register as a volunteer for one of our clinical trials via our website.

2 Step 2: Medical screening

You undergo a medical examination. The medical examination will determine whether you are suitable for the drug research study.

3 Step 3: Participation

During your participation, you will stay at our research centre and return one or multiple times. It is also possible that you will be an alternate volunteer.

4 Step 4: Compensation

If you have completed all of the steps, you will receive your compensation within at least 4 weeks after the final screening.