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We are looking for volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers!

  • Pleasant homely atmosphere

  • A drug research for everyone

  • Aimed at volunteers

  • Safety is paramount


Drug research is very much dependent on volunteers. Without the important contribution of volunteers, the properties of a research drug cannot be investigated and the research drug cannot be made available on the market.

QPS is therefore always looking for volunteers who are willing to participate in drug research. In principle, anyone can participate in drug research. It does, however, depend on the specific selection criteria that apply to the research studies.


In most cases, we are looking for healthy volunteers aged 18 and above, but volunteers with symptoms and/or conditions such as diabetes, obesity, asthma or Alzheimer’s disease can also take part in certain studies. For all research studies, you must be able to read, speak and understand Dutch. The selection criteria for participating in drug research can be found in the information at our research studies.

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1 Step 1: Register

Register as a volunteer for one of our clinical trials via our website.

2 Step 2: Medical screening

You undergo a medical examination. The medical examination will determine whether you are suitable for the drug research study.

3 Step 3: Participation

During your participation, you will stay at our research centre and return one or multiple times. It is also possible that you will be an alternate volunteer.

4 Step 4: Compensation

If you have completed all of the steps, you will receive your compensation within at least 4 weeks after the final screening.